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Ilva Q, Boston

Ever since Alexis became our property manager, the property has completely turned for the better. More than I could have ever imagined! Ever since Alexis has taken charge, the standard of living of our residents has improved tremendously. To name a few things she has done so effortlessly- she has pulled together meetings frequently with the goal to always keep everyone up to date; she has addressed issues within her first few weeks of her new assignment that have been outstanding for years in our building; and has showed great reliability by always ensuring that she respond to everyone’s concerns, no matter how big or small. In addition, Alexis has significantly enhanced the safety and security of our residents. It is very clear that that the residents are the upmost top priority of hers and it is what drives her quality work. Alexis has brought a level of structure to our building that I have never witnessed before nor did I think it was even possible! She shows compassion and care in all the work she does. I highly recommend Alexis!